Divers Lodge Ash Shuwaymiyah

Stay and Dive in Ash Shuwaymiyah, most definitely the quintessential fishing village, unspoiled by development and indeed remote in the best sense of the word. You will find your mobile phone doesn’t always catch the signal here, internet access is limited (it is the top-up scratch card game here), and lodging options are limited to one, expensive hotel. That’s why we have decided to build our own to provide our guest with affordable and comfortable accommodation. Our Dive Center is close to the beach, and within walking distance to the nearby village. The remoteness of Ash Shuwaymiyah allows our guests to enjoy a truly memorable experience in a very special place. All of us who work here at Alhouly Dive Centre were drawn here by peacefulness and paradise-on-earth feel and work very hard to protect it and preserve its unique eco-system. You will find that spirit in everything we do; from our facilities, we are 100% self-contained, to our trips and instructional philosophy.

Dive, Eat, Sleep… you know the drill!